One of the best ways to experience music is by attending a live concert. This type of venue gives the audience the opportunity to focus on the performer to deepen the appreciation of the music.  You don’t have to be a big-name promoter to organize a concert.

House Concerts: You could host an invitation-only house concert right in your own home. Bill Reidy, along with his wife and musical partner Ellie Higgins, have many years of experience hosting house concerts and can help you organize yours. House concerts are a great way to experience a live performance in a casual, intimate setting with friends.

Luncheons: If you belong to a club or organization that meets for lunch, a 1-hour concert with one of Bill Reidy’s acts would be a nice way to enhance your meeting.

Outdoor Festivals: Many groups put together festivals and are looking for different types of entertainment for the attendees. A Bill Reidy concert or tribute show would be ideal for these types of events.

Performance Art Centers: If your community offers a performance art center, you can find out if they are looking for performers for their concerts. If you are a member or volunteer of such an art center, you might want to check out all of the different acts that Bill Reidy offers at

Free Concerts Series: If your community offers free outdoor concerts during the Summertime, they might be interested in some of the acts that Bill Reidy offers, either as a solo performer or with his band.