Dinner Music

Bill No Sinatra Crop Port FreeIf you are looking a live performer to play some easy listening background music during the dinner hour  of your next event, you might want to consider Bill Reidy’s Acoustic Solo act, which includes popular music from a wide variety of different genres, including Standards, Oldies, Soft Rock, Folk, Jazz and other suitable music that would be ideal for your event.

Bill’s Solo Acoustic act is also ideal for fine restaurants that want live background music that their guests can enjoy at a volume that allows them to engage in quiet conversation while enjoying their meal.

Please take a moment to check out the rest of this website, where you will find a complete song list, audio song samples, links to videos of live performances, a list of Bill Reidy’s past  venues and events, and testimonials from happy customers. If you would like more information, feel free to contact Bill by phone at 508-287-8008 or by email at Bookings@BillReidyMusic.com.